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Broderi og tilbehør

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Sanika Trade Company OÜ is a handicraft goods wholesale company which is offering to our customers a continuously growing range of fashionable, innovative and high-quality handicraft supplies

Our product range includes, embroidery kits and plenty of other kinds of handicraft goods, such as fabrics, embroidery and sewing threads etc.

Sanika Trade Company OÜ distributes embroidery kits of following reputable European brands: Orchidea - Pako - Lanarte - Vervaco - Nordisk Håndarbejde - Thea Gouverneur - Martin Winkler- and Joller.

Sanika Trade Company OÜ offers highest-quality embroidery yarns of MBC Mayflower Exclusive Mouline. We also sell embroidery silk threads in more than 650 colours, mettalic threads in different thicknesses and a lot of colours.

Sanika Trade Company OÜ offers also first-rate handicraft fabrics. Aida with holes sizes beginning from 2,6/6ct. up to 7,2/18ct. is available in white and ecru in width 150 cm. Canvas is available in sizes of 18 holes per 10 cm. - 26 holes per 10 cm. - and 40 holes per 10 cm.

Handicraft goods retailers and other wholesale customers, who would like to know more about our product range, are always welcome to contact us. We will be happy to answer your qustions.

We thank all handicraft masters at home for visiting our website and hope that you have found here some handicraft supplies what you need.

If you have any questions or if you do not know in which stores to find our products, please do not hesitate to call or write to us. We would be happy to lead you to your nearest handicraft shop, where you can buy goods of trademarks represented by our company.

With best wishes

Sanika Trade Company OÜ

Steen Rasmussen